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Today we've got a bunch of FUNNY MOMENTS, FAILS & CRAZY MOMENTS on Overwatch!
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➥Video Clip Sources:
AliveForsakenBlackmamba - widowmaker gets 3 grapple kills in a row
channel/UCZocR45SrlatHEYzLvTyoSg – reaper manages to teleport away just before Reinhardt charges him
watch?v=y3eTC3jWkcM – Reinhardt just saves sombra from tracers ultimate by Yato
KnobbySneakyHog - triple soldier 76 rocket
watch?v=QRZoWIoOyeE&feature= – huge hammer down fail by JAHFALI_1-1-9_
porchForever – ultimate randomly destroys when she walks out of spawn by porchForever
file/d/0BxlIM5H_8DEeazVGMTV6TVRMZVE/view - increadibly lucky soldier 76 survives orisa orb and pharah knock by Rukasu#11349
a_seagull - Super lucky survival on mccree, and the enemy falls off the map
hosu0904 - soldier 76 violates tracer and then tries to hide it
michael3dtv - the solution to defrans toxic behaviour
spreeow - increadibly lucky zarya gets orisa gripped to safety when shes falling off the map
ApprehensiveWhimsicalKodiakbear - orisas orb causes reinhard to to miss his hammer down
watch?v=Q0HQXHVUHPk – widowmaker 360 hookshot by SoldierOfUgly
watch?v=SfnRDJ9BEEM&feature= – genjis ultimate is permanent by ymohanned 54
watch?v=NH2QMHwh8L8 – junkray lays on the counter and an enemy soldier says hello by benjaCGH
watch?v=WMBFiSkVNsE&feature= – how to get POTG as Reinhardt
file/d/0B5P43zPjPYW7LS1vTnBCRTFrZ2c/view - Across map junkrat kill by Caiofritas
watch?v=Tp4D7l7ztKo&feature= – bastion rocket jumps over a mei wall allowing him to get a quintuple kill
AttractiveLovelyIcecreamM4xHeh - soldier 76 parkours over a building for the perfect ultimate positioning
yumyumyu77 - player reacts to getting bronze on overwatch
munchkinow - tracer gets a across map ultimate kill using the jump pad on oasis
Crans/4e56782d-9785-4968-97cc-9fadc2fe960e - across map zarya kill on tracer by Crans
ga619003 - soldier 76 calculated rocket shot vs genji
watch?v=EJ8mTGomYEY&feature= – puts her ultimate on a sleeping zarya by ozzycsh
watch?v=mEH-oKCeI3E&app=desktop – across map hanzo arrow by IoniXGreed
surefour - tracer takes on a pharah mid air
moonmoon_ow - moonmoon orgasming
overwatchcontenders - Amazing widowmaker play in at tournament picks up a nice 4 man
MindlessBreakableBillygoat - junkrat sends reinhardt flying off the map
twitchesports - Mccree spamming fan of hammer in a pro game
watch?v=7WdNfpw-x5k&feature= – an intense hanzo 1v1 vs mccree by YariksBBshka
SlipperyEqualHusky - sombra dancing on the point while the enemy team doesn’t notice
watch?v=4yiX8Tn_D3Q – Winston is forced to watch Reinhardt dance by ProXChallenger79
gmybc - the most incredible genji ultimate ever seen
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